Administration panel demo

Administration panel demo allows you to test every WPJobBoard function and configuration option. WPJobBoard is tightly integrated with WordPress admin panel and offers a seamless user experience.

Administrator login: user; Password: user

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WPJobBoard with default WPTheme

The single biggest WPJB advantage over other WordPress-based job board themes and plugins is that WPJobBoard works with every theme. Upon activation it will automatically inherit your theme colors, fonts, margin and other layout properties. Furthermore, WPJB will work with ANY WordPress theme framework including: WooFramework, Genesis, Thesis etc.

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WPJobBoard with Jobelon
(dedicated job board theme)

If you are looking for a complete job board solution, this is something that will interest you. Each WPJobBoard purchase comes with free WordPress job board theme. It’s probably the only job board theme that has live search functionality built-in!

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